What is a Snood?

by K. Garland

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So, just what is a Snood? (No, it’s not a character from a Dr. Seuss book) If you have a dog with long, floppy ears, you’ll soon realize that you need something to protect them from raw food, wet food, or bones. Really…there’s nothing like cleaning food off your dog’s ears–every time he eats! Not very sanitary…unless your dog is saving it for snacks later.

I was using a baby bib for a while. It worked fairly well for meals, but it didn’t work for bones.

Enter the snood. Problem solved. Just tuck in the ears and away he goes.

Here’s the young man modelling a little blue number. Rocking it like a granny.

“Where’s my food?”

 And this is the snood in action. Well, the aftermath anyway.

And…it’s gone!

 Check out more snoods at Embee Cavaliers.

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