Tellington Touch

Intuition and TTouch

by K. Garland

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In delving a little more into the background of TTouch (or Tellington TTouch), I was interested to find out how intuition played a role in the development of this modality for both people and animals. TTouch includes a system of bodywork and groundwork. The TTouch bodywork consists of circular touches and lifts performed on the […]

This is part 3 in a series on Tellington Touch or TTouch. In part 1, we discussed what TTouch was and described some circular touches. In part 2 of this series, the Zigzag TTouch was demonstrated (thanks to my lovely demo dog, Teko). In this article, I will explain two TTouches which promote circulation, Tarantula […]

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In my last post, Reconnecting With TTouch – Part 1, I covered some basic principles of TTouch, including the circular touches. Another very effective touch is the Zigzag TTouch. It involves slowly stroking your dog’s body (sides, shoulders, hips) up-and-down in a zigzag pattern with fingers spread apart. This touch has a calming effect and can divert […]

Koda is a Bernese Mountain Dog I have massaged during the last few months. He is a lovely big boy with an even bigger personality. But woe is Koda. He had experienced a myriad of ailments and misfortunes, ranging from a vicious attack from a 200-pound Great Dane (in which he was ragdolled and subsequently […]