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Interview: Lisa Spector from Through a Dog’s Ear

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[FA_Lite id="1594"] Since I use the Through a Dog’s Ear music extensively for my canine massages (Harmony Animal Massage), I was very pleased to be able to connect with Lisa Spector recently and interview her for Your Holistic Dog. Lisa Spector is a concert pianist, Juilliard graduate, and canine music expert. By combining her passion […]

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Can Animal Chiropractic Help Your Dog?

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In a lecture on animal chiropractic, Dr. Shaun Patterson from Fort Family Chiropractic talked about the philosphy behind chiropractic therapy. “I personally believe we were born with this innate ability to heal ourselves. We don’t think about it…dogs don’t think about it. Chiropractic is just a way to help the body help itself,” says Dr. Patterson. The brain […]

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What is Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT)?

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Manual Ligament Therapy or MLT is a new therapeutic modality that has been adapted for use in animals. Lola Michelin, director of the Northwest School of Animal Massage in Washington State, was in the Fraser Valley recently to instruct a massage training practical and offered to demonstrate MLT at the Dip N Run Stables in Aldergrove, […]

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Proprioception and Animal Massage

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What is proprioception and how does it apply to your dog? Propriocepton is the body’s neurological ability to sense movement patterns within the joints. There are cells in and around the joints called proprioceptors. These proprioceptors send messages to the brain about the body’s position in space. If your dog experiences an injury, his brain receives […]

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