About Your Holistic Dog

Listen to me.

Photo by Dan Bennett

Your Holistic Dog is an online resource exploring integrative wellness options for your dog. Information, articles, interviews, case studies, and reviews on various holistic topics will be presented. Topics include natural therapies (like animal massage and acupuncture), holistic nutrition, and behavioural studies. Our goal is to enlighten, empower, and educate.

…and promote a dialogue.

Discussion is a way in which we, as dog guardians, can nourish our dogs. Nourish in every way. Body, mind, and soul. The more we learn, the more we grow, discuss, and implement. We are their guardians. Their protectors. And, as such, we are advocates for our dogs. We are voices joining a community of like-minded souls. Let the discussion begin.

About the Editor

With this site, I am blending two elements of my background, television production and holistic heath. I have worked in television for over 20 years. More recently, I have explored holistic health training for both people and dogs…yoga teacher certification, animal massage, and TTouch training to name a few. My goal is to provide information in an interactive way using various media forms. In addition to my experience with dogs (my own dog being an amazing Zen master), experts in various integrative fields and dog guardians themselves (who are experts in their own right) will be interviewed to provide a first hand look at a wide range of topics.

 My sincere hope is that you come away with some education and information…and a renewed promise to yourself to research all options (conventional and integrative) available for your dog.

Give your dogs a voice. And Listen. They are your best teachers.

K. Garland